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“Cutter 'hoy!” bellowed the man beside Stringer, using

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"I only came here yesterday," said he, as a widening in the path permitted them to walk abreast. "Last night I went to the higher waterfalls; they are most splendid."

“Cutter 'hoy!” bellowed the man beside Stringer, using

"Did you go out in all that rain?" asked Ruth timidly.

“Cutter 'hoy!” bellowed the man beside Stringer, using

"Oh, yes. Rain never hinders me from walking. Indeed, it gives a new beauty to such a country as this. Besides, my time for my excursion is so short, I cannot afford to waste a day."

“Cutter 'hoy!” bellowed the man beside Stringer, using

"Then you do not live here?" asked Ruth.

"No! my home is in a very different place. I live in a busy town, where at times it is difficult to feel the truth that

There are in this loud stunning tide

Through dusky lane and crowded mart,

Plying their task with busier feet,

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