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“Try a hail,” cried Rogers from the stern. “We may

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They walked on without much speech. She wondered who her companion might be. She should have known him, if she had seen him among the strangers at the inn; and yet he spoke English too well to be a Welshman; he knew the country and the paths so perfectly, he must be a resident; and so she tossed him from England to Wales, and back again, in her imagination.

“Try a hail,” cried Rogers from the stern. “We may

"I only came here yesterday," said he, as a widening in the path permitted them to walk abreast. "Last night I went to the higher waterfalls; they are most splendid."

“Try a hail,” cried Rogers from the stern. “We may

"Did you go out in all that rain?" asked Ruth timidly.

“Try a hail,” cried Rogers from the stern. “We may

"Oh, yes. Rain never hinders me from walking. Indeed, it gives a new beauty to such a country as this. Besides, my time for my excursion is so short, I cannot afford to waste a day."

"Then you do not live here?" asked Ruth.

"No! my home is in a very different place. I live in a busy town, where at times it is difficult to feel the truth that

There are in this loud stunning tide

Through dusky lane and crowded mart,

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