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that he had saved Ian yesterday instead of cutting him

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LEMPEREUR, in 1819, Chaussee-d'Antin, Paris, clerk to Charles Claparon, at that time "straw-man" of Tillet, Roguin & Company. [Cesar Birotteau.]

that he had saved Ian yesterday instead of cutting him

LEMPRUN, born in 1745, son-in-law of Galard, market-gardener of Auteuil. Employed, in turn, in the houses of Thelusson and of Keller in Paris, he was probably the first messenger in the service of the Bank of France, having entered that establishment when it was founded. He met Mademoiselle Brigitte Thuillier during this period of his life, and in 1814 gave Celeste, his only daughter, in marriage to Brigitte's brother, Louis-Jerome Thuillier. M. Lemprun died the year following. [The Middle Classes.]

that he had saved Ian yesterday instead of cutting him

LEMPRUN (Madame), wife of the preceding, daughter of Galard, the market-gardener of Auteuil, mother of one child--Madame Celeste Thuillier. She lived in the village of Auteuil from 1815 until the time of her death in 1829. She reared Celeste Phellion, daughter of L.-J. Thuillier and of Madame de Colleville. Madame Lemprun left a small fortune inherited from her father, M. Galard, which was administered by Brigitte Thuillier. This Lemprun estate consisted of twenty thousand francs, saved by the strictest economy, and of a house which was sold for twenty-eight thousand francs. [The Middle Classes.]

that he had saved Ian yesterday instead of cutting him

LEMULQUINIER, a native of Flanders, owed his name to the linen-yarn dealers of that province, who are called /mulquiniers/. He lived in Douai, was the valet of Balthazar Claes, and encouraged and aided his master in his foolish investigations, despite the extreme coldness of his own nature and the opposition of Josette, Martha, and the women of the Claes family. Lemulquinier even went so far as to give all his personal property to M. Claes. [The Quest of the Absolute.]

LENONCOURT (De), born in 1708, marshal of France, marquis at first, then duke, was the friend of Victor-Amedee de Verneuil, and adopted Marie de Verneuil, the acknowledged natural daughter of his old comrade, when the latter died. Suspected unjustly of being this young girl's lover, the septuagenarian refused to marry her, and leaving her behind he changed his place of residence to Coblentz. [The Chouans.]

LENONCOURT (Duc de), father of Madame de Mortsauf. The early part of the Restoration was the brilliant period of his career. He obtained a peerage, owned a house in Paris on rue Saint-Dominique-Saint-Germain, looked after Birotteau and found him a situation just after his failure. Lenoncourt played for the favor of Louis XVIII., was first gentleman in the king's chamber, and welcomed Victurnien d'Esgrignon, with whom he had some relationship. The Duc de Lenoncourt was, in 1835, visiting the Princesse de Cadignan, when Marsay explained the reasons the political order had for the mysterious kidnapping of Gondreville. Three years later he died a very old man. [The Lily of the Valley. Cesar Birotteau. Jealousies of a Country Town. The Gondreville Mystery. Beatrix.]

LENONCOURT (Duchesse de), wife of the preceding, born in 1758, of a cold, severe, insincere, ambitious nature, was almost always unkind to her daughter, Madame de Mortsauf. [The Lily of the Valley.]

LENONCOURT-GIVRY (Duc de), youngest son of M. and Madame de Chaulieu, at first followed a military career. Titles and names in abundance came to him. In 1827 he married Madeleine de Mortsauf, the only heir of her parents. [Letters of Two Brides.] The Duc de Lenoncourt-Givry was a man of some importance in the Paris of Louis Philippe and was invited to the festival at the opening of Josepha Mirah's new house, rue de la Ville-l'Eveque. [Cousin Betty.] The year following attention was still turned towards him indirectly, when Sallenauve was contending in defence of the duke's brother-in-law. [The Member for Arcis.]

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