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“Ye’ll not be taking a witch’s word!” she cried

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MAHUCHET (Madame), women's shoemaker, "a very foul-mouthed woman," in the language of Madame Nourrisson; mother of seven children. After having dunned a countess, to no avail, for a hundred francs that was due her, she conceived the idea of carrying off the silverware, on display at a grand dinner to be given by her debtor one evening, as a pledge. She promptly returned, however, the silver she had taken, upon finding that it was white metal. [The Unconscious Humorists.]

“Ye’ll not be taking a witch’s word!” she cried

MALAGA, surname of Marguerite Turquet.

“Ye’ll not be taking a witch’s word!” she cried

MALASSIS (Jeanne), from the country, a servant of Pingret, who was an avaricious and wealthy old peasant of the suburbs of Limoges. Mortally injured while hastening to the assistance of her master, who was robbed and murdered, she was the second victim of J.-F. Tascheron. [The Country Parson.]

“Ye’ll not be taking a witch’s word!” she cried

MALFATTI, Venetian doctor; in 1820 called into consultation with one of his fellow-physicians in France, concerning the sickness of the Duc Cataneo. [Massimilla Doni.]

MALLET, policeman in the department of Orne in 1809. Ordered to find and arrest Madame Bryond des Minieres, he let her escape, by means of an agreement with his comrade, Ratel, who was to have aided in her capture. Having been imprisoned for this deed, Mallet was declared by Bourlac deserving of capital punishment, and was put to death the same year. [The Seamy Side of History.]

MALVAUT (Jenny). (See Derville, Madame.)

MANCINI (De), Italian, fair, effeminate, madly beloved by La Marana, who had by him a daughter, Juana-Pepita-Maria de Mancini, later Madame Diard. [The Maranas.]

MANCINI (Juana-Pepita-Maria de). (See Diard, Madame.)

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