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The MacDonalds were gleefully wreaking havoc somewhere

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MARGARITIS (Madame), wife of the insane Margaritis. She kept him near her for the sake of economy, and made amends to the deceived Gaudissart. [Gaudissart the Great.]

The MacDonalds were gleefully wreaking havoc somewhere

MARGUERON, wealthy citizen of Beaumont-sur-Oise, under Louis XVIII., wished his son to be tax-collector of the district in which he himself owned the farm lying next to the property of Serizy at Presles, and which he had leased to Leger. [A Start in Life.]

The MacDonalds were gleefully wreaking havoc somewhere

MARIANNE, during the Restoration, servant of Sophie Gamard at Tours. [The Vicar of Tours.]

The MacDonalds were gleefully wreaking havoc somewhere

MARIANNE, served with Gaucher in Michu's house, October, 1803, in the district of Arcis-sur-Aube, at Cinq-Cygne. She served her master with discretion and fidelity. [The Gondreville Mystery.]

MARIAST, owned No. 22 rue da la Montagne-Sainte-Genevieve, Paris, and let it to Messieurs of d'Espard during nearly the whole period of the Restoration. [The Commission in Lunacy.]

MARIE DES ANGES (Mere), born in 1762, Jacques Bricheteau's aunt, superior of the Ursuline convent at Arcis-sur-Aube, saved from the guillotine by Danton, had the fifth of April of each year observed with a mass in her nephew's behalf, and, under Louis Philippe, protected the descendant of a celebrated Revolutionist, Charles de Sallenauve; her influence gave him the position of deputy of the district. [The Member for Arcis.]

MARIETTE. (See Godeschal, Marie.)

MARIETTE, born in 1798; from 1817 in the service of the Wattevilles of Besancon; was under Louis Philippe, despite her extreme homeliness, and on account of the money she had saved, courted by Jerome, a servant of Albert Savarus. Mademoiselle de Watteville, who was in love with the lawyer, used Mariette and Jerome to her own advantage. [Albert Savarus.]

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