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but hills and heath closed in mist. She was wet as a water

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MARTY (Jean-Baptiste), actor of melodrama, employe or manager of the Gaite, before and after the Paris fire of 1836; born in 1779, celebrated during the Restoration; in 1819 and 1820 he played in "Mont-Sauvage," a play warmly applauded by Madame Vauquer. This woman was accompanied to the theatre on the Boulevard du Crime, by her rue Nueve-Sainte-Genevieve lodger, Jacques Collin, called also Vautrin, on the evening before his arrest. [Father Goriot.] Marty died, at an advanced age, in 1868, a chevalier in the Legion of Honor, after having been for many years mayor of Charenton.

but hills and heath closed in mist. She was wet as a water

MARY, an Englishwoman in the family of Louis de l'Estorade during the Restoration and under Louis Philippe. [Letters of Two Brides. The Member for Arcis.]

but hills and heath closed in mist. She was wet as a water

MASSIN-LEVRAULT, junior, son of a poor locksmith of Montargis, grand- nephew of Doctor Denis Minoret, as a result of his marriage with a Levrault-Minoret; father of three girls, Pamela, Aline, and Madame Goupil. He bought the office of clerk to the justice of peace in Nemours, January, 1815, and lived at first with his family in the good graces of Doctor Minoret, through whom his sister became postmistress at Nemours. Massin-Levrault, junior, was one of the indirect persecutors of Ursule de Portenduere. He became a minicipal councilor after July, 1830, began to lend money to the laboring people at exorbitant rates of interest, and finally developed into a confirmed usurer. [Ursule Mirouet.]

but hills and heath closed in mist. She was wet as a water

MASSIN-LEVRAULT (Madame), wife of the preceding, born Levrault- Minoret in 1793, grand-niece of Doctor Denis Minoret on the maternal side; her father was a victim of the campaign in France. She strove in every way possible to win the affections of her wealthy uncle, and was one of Ursule de Portenduere's persecutors. [Ursule Mirouet.]

MASSOL, native of Carcassonne, licentiate in law and editor of the "Gazette des Tribunaux" in May, 1830. Without knowing their relationship he brought together Jacqueline and Jacques Collin, a boarder at the Concierge, and, acting under Granville's orders, in his journal attributed Lucien de Rubembre's suicidal death to the rupture of a tumor. A Republican, through the lack of the particle /de/ before his name, and very ambitious, he was, in 1834, the associate of Raoul Nathan in the publication of a large journal, and sought to make a tool of the poet-founder of this paper. In company with Stidmann, Steinbock and Claude Vignon, Massol was a witness of the second marriage of Valerie Marneffe. In 1845, having become a councilor of state and president of a section, he supported Jenny Cadine. He was then charged with the administrative lawsuit of S.-P. Gozonal. [Scenes from a Courtesan's Life. The Magic Skin. A Daughter of Eve. Cousin Betty. The Unconscious Humorists.]

MASSON, friend of Maitre Desroches, an attorney, to whom, upon the latter's advice, Lucien de Rubempre hastened, when Coralie's furniture was attached, in 1821. [A Distinguished Provincial at Paris.]

MASSON (Publicola), born in 1795, the best known chiropodist in Paris, a radical Republican of the Marat type, even resembled the latter physically; counted Leon de Lora among his customers. [The Unconscious Humorists.]

MATHIAS, born in 1753. He started as third clerk to a Bordeaux notary, Chesneau, whom he succeeded. He married, but lost his wife in 1826. He had one son on the bench, and a married daughter. He was a good example of the old-fashioned country magistrate, and gave out his enlightened opinions to two generations of Manervilles. [A Marriage Settlement.]

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