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couldn’t violate a flag of truce!” And for once even

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* Abbe Grozier, or Crozier (Jean Baptiste-Gabriel-Alexandre), born March 1, 1743, at Saint-Omer, died December 8, 1823, at Paris; collaborator of the "Literary Year" with Freron and Geoffroy, and author of a "General History of China"--Paris 1777-1784, 12 vols.

couldn’t violate a flag of truce!” And for once even

GRUGET (Madame Etienne), born in the latter part of the eighteenth century. About 1820, lace-maker at No. 12 rue des Enfants-Rouges, Paris, where she concealed and cared for Gratien Bourignard, the lover of her daughter Ida, who drowned herself. Bourignard was the father of Mme. Jules Desmarets. [The Thirteen.] Becoming a nurse about the end of 1824, Mme. Gruget attended the division-chief, La Billiardiere, in his final sickness. [The Government Clerks.] In 1828 she followed the same profession for ten sous a day, including board. At that time she attended the last illness of Comtesse Flore Philippe de Brambourg, on rue Chaussee-d'Antin, before the invalid was removed to the Dubois hospital. [A Bachelor's Establishment.]

couldn’t violate a flag of truce!” And for once even

GRUGET (Ida), daughter of the preceding. About 1820 was a corset- fitter at No. 14 rue de la Corderie-du-Temple, Paris; employed by Mme. Meynardie. She was also the mistress of Gatien Bourignard. Passionately jealous, she rashly made a scene in the home of Jules Desmarets, her lover's son-in-law. Then she drowned herself, in a fit of despair, and was buried in a little cemetery of a village of Seine- et-Oise. [The Thirteen.]

couldn’t violate a flag of truce!” And for once even

GUA SAINT-CYR (Madame du), in spite of the improbability aroused on account of her age, passed for a time, in 1799, as the mother of Alphonse de Montauran. She had been married and was then a widow; Gua was not her true name. She was the last mistress of Charette and, being still young, took his place with the youthful Alphonse de Montauran. She displayed a savage jealousy for Mlle. de Verneuil. One of the first Vendean sallies of 1799, planned by Mme. du Gua, was unsuccessful and absurd. The old "mare of Charette" caused the coach between Mayenne and Fougeres to be waylaid; but the money stolen was that which was being sent her by her mother. [The Chouans.]

GUA SAINT-CYR (Du), name assumed in Brittany, in 1799, by Alphonse de Montauran, the Chouan leader. [The Chouans.]

GUA SAINT-CYR (Monsieur and Madame du), son and mother; rightful bearers of the name were murdered, with the courier, in November by the Chouans. [The Chouans.]

GUDIN (Abbe), born about 1759; was one of the Chouan leaders in 1799. He was a formidable fellow, one of the Jesuits stubborn enough, perhaps devoted enough, to oppose upon French soil the proscriptive edict of 1793. This firebrand of Western conflict fell, slain by the Blues, almost under the eyes of his patriot nephew, the sub- lieutenant, Gudin. [The Chouans.]

GUDIN, nephew of the preceding, and nevertheless a patriot conscript from Fougeres, Brittany, during the campaign of 1799; successively corporal and sub-lieutenant. The former grade was obtained through Hulot. Was the superior of Beau-Pied. Gudin was killed near Fougeres by Marie de Verneuil, who had assumed the attire of her husband, Alphonse de Montauran. [The Chouans.]

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