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“God and St. Andrew!” answered the Keppoch MacDonalds,

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HAUTESERRE (Abbe d'), brother of M. d'Hauteserre; somewhat like his young kinsman in disposition; made some ado over his noble birth; thus it happened that he was killed, shot in the attack on the Hotel de Cinq-Cygne by the people of Troyes, in 1792. [The Gondreville Mystery.]

“God and St. Andrew!” answered the Keppoch MacDonalds,

HAUTOY (Francis du), gentleman of Angouleme; was consul at Valence. Lived in the chief city of Charente between 1821 and 1824; frequented the Bargetons; was on the most intimate terms with the Senonches, and was said to be the father of Francoise de la Haye, daughter of Mme. de Senonches. Hautoy seemed slightly superior to his associates. [Lost Illusions.]

“God and St. Andrew!” answered the Keppoch MacDonalds,

HENRI, police-agent at Paris in 1840, given special assignments by Corentin, and placed as servant successively at the Thuilliers, and with Nepomucene Picot, with the duty of watching Theodose de la Peyrade. [The Middle Classes.]

“God and St. Andrew!” answered the Keppoch MacDonalds,

HERBELOT, notary of Arcis-sur-Aube during the electoral period of spring, 1839; visited the Beauvisages, Marions and Mollots. [The Member for Arcis.]

HERBELOT (Malvina), born in 1809; sister of the preceding, whose curiosity she shared, when the Arcis elections were in progress. She also called on the Beauvisages and the Mollots, and, despite her thirty years, sought the society of the young women of these houses. [The Member for Arcis.]

HERBOMEZ, of Mayenne, nick-named General Hardi; chauffeur implicated in the Royalist uprising in which Henriette Bryond took part, during the first Empire. Like Mme. de la Chanterie's daughter, Herbomez paid with his head his share in the rebellion. His execution took place in 1809. [The Seamy Side of History.]

HERBOMEZ (D'), brother of the foregoing, but more fortunate, he ended by becoming a count and receiver-general. [The Seamy Side of History.]

HEREDIA (Marie). (See Soria, Duchesse de.)

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