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and Ian, Archie and Ranald were left, grinning after them.

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* In 1868, at Paris, MM. Ferdinand Dugue and Peaucellier presented a play at the Gaite theatre, where one of the chief characters was Clemence Bourignard-Desmarets.

and Ian, Archie and Ranald were left, grinning after them.

JEAN, lay brother of an abbey until 1791, when he found a home with Niseron, cure of Blangy, Burgundy; seldom left Gregoire Rigou, whose factotum he finally became. [The Peasantry.]

and Ian, Archie and Ranald were left, grinning after them.

JEANNETTE, born in 1758; cook for Ragon at Paris in 1818, in rue du Petit-Lion-Saint-Sulpice; distinguished herself at the Sunday receptions. [Cesar Birotteau.]

and Ian, Archie and Ranald were left, grinning after them.

JEANRENAUD (Madame), a Protestant, widow of a salt bargeman, by whom she had a son. A stout, ugly and vulgar woman, who recovered, during the Restoration, a fortune that had been stolen by the Catholic ancestors of D'Espard and was restored to him despite a suit to restrain him by injunction. Mme. Jeanrenaud lived at Villeparisis, and then at Paris, where she dwelt successively on rue de la Vrilliere-- No. 8--and on Grand rue Verte. [The Commission in Lunacy.]

JEANRENAUD, son of the preceding, born about 1792. He served as officer in the Imperial Guard, and, through the influence of D'Espard- Negrepelisse, became, in 1828, chief of squadron in the First regiment of the Cuirassiers of the Guard. Charles X. made him a baron. He then married a niece of Monegod. His beautiful villa on Lake Geneva is mentioned by Albert Savarus in "L'Ambitieux par Amour," published in the reign of Louis Philippe. [The Commission in Lunacy. Albert Savarus.]

JENNY was, during the Restoration, maid and confidante of Aquilina de la Garde; afterwards, but for a very brief time, mistress of Castanier. [Melmoth Reconciled.]

JEROME (Pere), second-hand book-seller on Pont Notre-Dame, Paris, in 1821, at the time when Rubempre was making a start there. [A Distinguished Provincial at Paris.]

JEROME, valet successively of Galard and of Albert Savarus at Besancon. He may have served the Parisian lawyer less sedulously because of Mariette, a servant at the Wattevilles, whose dowry he was after. [Albert Savarus.]

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