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Ian had been trying to do, to save her, and wouldn’t

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MARTENER, well-educated old man who lived in Provins under the Restoration. He explained to the archaeologist, Desfondrilles, who consulted him, the reason why Europe, disdaining the waters of Provins, sought Spa, where the waters were less efficacious, according to French medical advice. [Pierrette.]

Ian had been trying to do, to save her, and wouldn’t

MARTENER, son of the preceding; physician at Provins in 1827, capable man, simple and gentle. He married Madame Guenee's second daughter. When consulted one day by Mademoiselle Habert, he spoke against the marriage of virgins at forty, and thus filled Sylvie Rogron with despair. He protected and cared for Pierrette Lorrain, the victim of this same old maid. [Pierrette.]

Ian had been trying to do, to save her, and wouldn’t

MARTENER (Madame), wife of the preceding, second daughter of Madame Guenee, and sister of Madame Auffray. Having taken pity on Pierrette Lorrain in her sickness, she gave to her, in 1828, the pleasures of music, playing the compositions of Weber, Beethoven or Herold. [Pierrette.]

Ian had been trying to do, to save her, and wouldn’t

MARTENER, son of the preceding couple, protege of Vinet the elder, honest and thick-headed. He was, in 1839, examining magistrate at Arcis-sur-Aube and caucused, during the election season in the spring of this same year, with the officers, Michu, Goulard, O. Vinet and Marest. [The Member for Arcis.]

MARTHA was for a long time the faithful chambermaid of Josephine Claes; she died in old age between 1828 and 1830. [The Quest for the Absolute.]

MARTHE (Sister), a Gray sister of Auvergne; from 1809 to 1816 instructed Veronique Sauviat--Madame Graslin--in reading, writing, sacred history, the Old and the New Testaments, the Catechism, the elements of arithmetic. [The Country Parson.]

MARTHE (Sister), born Beauseant, in 1730, a nun in the Abbey of Chelles, fled with Sister Agathe (nee Langeais) and the Abbe de Marolles to a poor lodging in the upper Saint-Martin district. On January 22, 1793, she went to a pastry-cook near Saint Laurent to get the wafers necessary for a mass for the repose of Louis XVI.'s soul. At this ceremony she was present, as was also the man who had executed the King. The following year, January 21, 1794, this same ceremony was repeated exactly. She passed these two years of the Terror under Mucius Scoevola's protection. [An Episode under the Terror.]

MARTHE (Sister), in the convent of the Carmelites at Blois, knew two young women, Mesdames de l'Estorade and Gaston. [Letters of Two Brides.]

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